Business Communication | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. Mr. James Steven is the Sr Manager in an established IT company. He works with a core team of 20 and at most times communicated through written verbal communication. He intends to sound persuasive while he communicates with his team and he wants them to feel equal at all times. Which are the steps of writin

g messages that he should keep in mind while drafting messages to be sent to his team. Define strategies of writing persuasive messages?

Q2. Define what is a Report and a Proposal. Define the sections of report writing explain each in detail.

Q3. a. As a consultant, explain four steps to develop a strong brand for Man Machin. How can social media impact communication in business? What are the strategies for Business Communication through Social Network?

b. You are planning to switch your job and are in the process of applying to another company. What is a job market? What are the points of an organization and job opportunity will you consider while in the process of applying for the job?