Essentials of HRM | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. ‘Mirage Investments Ltd’ is a wealth management company with multiple locations in India. The top management plans to create a dynamic human resource department for managing employee relations. You have been hired as their HR Business Partner. Explain to the top management, what will be the objectives of your HR department in this organisation. Give some examples in the context of this company.

Q2. The Luxe Group of premium hotel chain wants to restructure its human resource department. As their HR advisor, explain to the top management the various activities under each new subdivision in the Department. Elaborate them with corporate examples.

Q3. Shanghai Food Corporation is reviewing its human resource planning. It is analyzing the various sources of the company’s human resource demand forecasting. Keeping this context in mind, answer the following:

a. What are the qualitative methods of HR demand forecasting that are available with the company?

b. Discuss the trend analysis method of quantitative technique in HR demand forecasting.