Management Theory and Practice | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. Ravi Kishan Mills, accompany dealing with making ethanol from sugarcane residue has traditionally been a centralized company from generations run by the founders. Now as the 4th Generation steps in to take over the reins, they feel its high time, they go decentralized as the firm has grown leaps and bounds and become a mid-sized company today from the small scale it started with. They have hired you as a consultant for the same. Can you guide them about the same by making them aware of the pros and cons of both and helping them take a decision?    

Q2. Shemaroo entertainment earlier only had a base in Mumbai, India. It has now expanded its wings to other parts of the world too and want to also get into other avenues of filmmaking. They have hired you as a consultant to help them design their organizational structure as earlier they used to follow the traditional line structure. They would want to use the 6-box model in order to determine what structure will suit them the best. Can you guide them on the same?   

Q3. Thakur Publishing house, an age-old Printing press feels that over the years their employees have lost their motivation and their performance standards is dipping.

a) They have hired you as a consultant. Can you guide them about how can they use Mc Cleland’s Theory of Needs to motivate their employees?            

b) Also, can you use ERG Theory, to help guide them to motivate their employees?