Digital Marketing | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

A small business owner is trying to decide how to allocate their marketing budget for the coming year for M/s Fresh Blossom. The company deals with selling flowers to the final customers. They have 50+ retail stores in major cities. The company specializes in imported flowers.

They have historically relied on traditional marketing methods, such as print ads in local newspapers and flyers distributed in the community. However, they’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of digital marketing, and are considering shifting some of their marketing budgets to digital channels.

Q1. The owner wants to understand the interaction points of the Marketing and Consumer Funnel stages so that he can take appropriate decisions for the organization.

Q2. Explain 6S Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy for Fresh Blossom.

Q3. a. What are some of the key differences between traditional and digital marketing, and how might these differences impact the small business owner’s decision?

Q3. b. What are the various social media platforms that you will use to promote Fresh Bloom? Explain the same with reasons.