Financial Institutions and Markets | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. Ambey Ltd. is one of the biggest players dealing in fitness machines in India. The company now intends to launch a range of fitness food for fitness-conscious people and plans to market it by selling it on various e-commerce portals and opening retail outlets. So, the management of the company is planning to raise further capital in the debt market. As a financial advisor to the firm advise the various techniques which the company can use in order to raise capital from the debt market.    

Q2. Prabhas has joined non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) but is unclear about the role and types of NBFCs. Apprise, Prabhas about the role of NBFCs in the financial services segment with various types of NBFCs as per business activity catering for the financial needs of the Indian economy with examples.       

Q3.a. Uday is a new joiner at a currency exchange firm. His first task given by the manager is to prepare a report on trends in the major currency exchange quotes for the past year. However, Uday has little knowledge about the participants in the foreign exchange market. Brief Uday about the various participants in the foreign exchange market for successfully executing his task.                                                                                                   

Q3.b. “Regulatory mechanisms are implemented to ensure that there is always a balance between the inflow of money and the outflow of funds so that the financial markets are able to function efficiently and effectively.” Explain the important regulatory authorities in India with their functions.