International HR Practices | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

1) Dow Limited – an Australian MNC employed Australians (PCs) and Papua New Guineans (host country nationals) in its subsidiary in Papua New Guinea. The remuneration package for Australians is ten times more than that for Papua New Guineans for the same job. More than 85% of the host country employees (Papua New Guineans) complain that they are highly demotivated as the company pays highly discriminated remuneration for the same job performed by Australians and Papua New Guineans. Considering the situation, explain why do MNCs prefer Ethnocentric Approach and share the limitations of the same.

2) You are the Group HR director for a small company that has begun to use international assignments. You are considering using an external consulting firm to provide pre-departure training for employees, as you do not have the resources to provide this ‘in-house’. What components will be needed to be covered? How will you measure the effectiveness of the pre-departure training program provided by this external consultant?

3) Mazvode is a Japanese general insurance company which has spread its operations across the continents with almost 55 percent of its employees working outside Japan. Performance management policy of the company is more developmental, learning and feedback driven in Japan, while the same is highly measured and competitive in North America, goal driven in Europe and a mix of all approaches in other nations of companies units. There is widespread dissatisfaction with performance management practice across as found out in employee satisfaction survey, since performance management has scored minimal.

Further study revealed that younger employees in Japan have sought a competitive and incentive-based performance management, while employees in North America have felt that the system should focus more on development rather than being task driven since most of customer engagement performance comes from contextual performance. There are other employees who have argued to do away with performance appraisal system altogether as in their belief it was demotivating than helping any cause.

a) Describe the major challenges faced in assessing the performance in international context      

b) Suggest the criteria for the performance appraisal of International employees.