Market Research | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. Apple is facing a challenge that the latest versions of iPhone launched are not engaging enough for consumers. Consumers feel lack of innovation in the products. Using techniques of new product development elaborate on the steps that Apple must follow in the research and development to add innovative features in upcoming version.

Q2. As a market analyst at AC Neilson, you have been assigned a client from e-Commerce industry. The client faces continuous issues in decline in sale. Which methods of data collection would be appropriate for identifying the issues related with decline in sales? Justify along with sample size. Develop a market research process to understand the reasons for the same.

Q3. ChatGPT is the new AI agent, people are looking at. Several business organizations are trying to incorporate ChatGPT in their work. You have to conduct a research for Microsoft to resolve two business problems-

i) What are the reasons for people to use ChatGPT

ii) What are preventive measures for fighting the competition from Bard? Answer them using following:

a. Choose the appropriate research methodology for conducting the research that would answer the mentioned business problem. Elaborate the same along with justification.

b. You would choose appropriate sample for conducting research. Enlist the characteristics of the respondents, type of sampling employed and the research type with proper justification.