Service Operation Management | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. Explain the concept of ‘Service Design’ in Service Operations. Discuss the various approaches that Service setups can adopt to implement ‘Service Design’? Explain the concept with the help of reference from the Retail setup like a Supermarket

Q2. What Role do Service ‘Engineers’ play in designing ‘processes’ Service Operations. Explain the three techniques used to evaluate service operations with reference to a setup like a Fine dine family restaurant.

Q3. The ‘Food delivery’ segment is a good example wherein the businesses involve both manufacturing (food preparations) as well as service operations. The sold products are evaluated by the customers and they are also rated based on the service that the seller provides. With reference to the industry discuss the following aspects of service operations a. Discuss the elements that need to be planned in a Service Framework of the mentioned setup.

b. What are the challenges faced by the Service Managers who manage these service operations?