Total Quality Management | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. You are appointed as head of Global Sourcing. You realize, your organization is carrying out complex global sourcing initiatives, but they are not adequately supported with equally thorough network design. Discuss the factors you would consider designing a global supply chain. Give some industry examples where it was successfully adopted.

Q2. Maxx Industry has received a major export order. To ensure that its processes work in tandem to conform to the export quality requirements, Maxx wants to formulate and control the business process effectively using SPC techniques. Discuss the major tools of SPC that may help Maxx in achieving its objective.

Q3. You have been asked by the management of your organization to improve employee productivity. After a thorough investigation, you realize productivity is low due to workplace injuries and illness and there is a need for an ISO standard which is designed to provide an effective set of processes for improving workplace health and safety.

a. What ISO standard would you recommend, explain its benefits?

b. Discuss the process of developing a new international standard.