International Finance | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. ABC Ltd- An Indian Multinational Company wants to expand its operations in European Nations and has decided to buy a land in Poland for setting a manufacturing unit. The setting of the manufacturing facility will open billion-dollar European Market for the company.   

Q2. An Indian company imported goods from US. The US manufacturer invoices the shipment in Dollar (USD), and the amount is USD 5 million. The importer needs to pay the amount by 30 October 2023. The data regarding the futures contract as on 10 October 2023 is:

Q3. An Indian Merchant importing goods from UK worth 1 million GBP. But there is no direct quotation between GBP INR is available in the market. The spot rate in the market available is

GBP USD 1.2100

INR USD 0.012

a)  Calculate the exchange rate between GBP INR using the above information

b. Assume that spot quotation between USD INR 87400- 80.8700. The six months forward is 216.25-218.25. Calculate the six months forward bid and ask rate for USD INR.