International Marketing | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. “Think globally, act locally” has been often used in various contexts. Comment on the same and give your opinion in which areas this term can be applied?

Q2. Countries like US have at times stated “America First” as their policy. Do you consider that our country should adopt “India First” policy? In this context explain how countries can create barriers to promote their own products.

Q3. Read the following case study carefully and then answer the questions that follow: India has been the home of Ayurveda. Ayurveda drugs have been a key player for medicines in India. Your company manufactures various Ayurvedic drugs, and its Ayurveda formulations have done well to recoup Covid 19 patients in India. In order to change the things in its favor to cash-in on the “Covid 19” the company wants to adopt a new strategy and market its products globally.

a. Explain your strategy to launch Ayurvedic products to global market after the pandemic?  

b. Suggest any two Market Entry Strategies for the company to enter global markets?