Lean Six Sigma | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

1) Identify any 1 specific concern from any industry during the COVID-19 pandemic situation and depending on the selected approach to address the concern enlist the different tools which can be employed through the DMAIC cycle to narrow down the Key Process Input  Variables  (KPIVs) that  are  driving unacceptable output(s). The analysis  of  the  concern  (for  e.g.,  if  you  choose  restaurant  industry  then  delivery concern or hospitals then patient handling concern) utilizing DMAIC process must include only tools necessary to resolve the concern. The focus should concentrate on a clear and  minimalistic path  to  resolving the concern. You are free to  follow  any research,  data collection  and  or analysis  methodology that  you  consider the most appropriate to address the required task.

2) Suppose you are working as a facilities manager in a big mall of a metropolitan city that intends to adopt the lean technique for efficient management, identify any process/activity that needs improvement and create a broad outline in brief using DMAIC methodology.                                                                            

Q3.a. Enlist at least 5 Indian companies preferably from different industries or sectors which have implemented Six Sigma in a successful manner. Also, specify at least 1 substantial benefit achieved from implementation by each of the 5 Indian companies.

Q3.b. Give at least 1 example of each type of waste (8 Mudas) reduced due to the implementation of lean six  sigma in  that  organizati  You are free  to  select  any industry or sector.