New Product Development and Managing Innovation | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. In the context of physical products, what are the different types of product packaging and what needs do packaging help with? Consider the example of Great Point, a nearby super market. As you walk through the aisles of the supermarket, think about and list examples for the 3 different types of product packaging.

Q2. Ashutosh works as a product manager for a large multi-national video content platform (eg. Tik Tok, Instagram etc.). The company would like to create a new app targeted at older population, aged 60+ years. Ashutosh is entrusted with the development of the new product. Describe the approach across the different steps in generic product design and development process that he should follow.

Q3.a. Using a real-life example from your industry of choice (eg. Automobile, FMCG etc.), explain how innovation is different from invention? Why should companies innovate?   

Q3.b. Imagine that you are the product manager of one of the hyper-local delivery aps – eg. Swiggy, Dunzo etc. The management has asked you to use the Kano model and write a report on the different types of product features in the appl. Explain the Kano model and the different types of product features with an example.