Organisational Theory, Structure and Design | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. ‘Star Bazaar Limited’ has decided to modify their organizational systems to beat the market competition. Help them assess the organisation according to the 7S framework in the context of this retail chain company. Give appropriate examples in this case.

Q2. Look Book, a social network platform has decided to launch it mobile application for engaging its users. However, the IT head has no idea about the challenges it might face. As their Business consultant, explain the different phases of organisational life cycle, that the company may go through. Associate these phases with the social media business.

Q3. Ryan, the VP and Suman, the AVP are brainstorming on strategies for enhancing the organisational effectiveness of their export-import business. While Ryan prefers the traditional Goal Approach, Suman believes in a more contemporary Stakeholder’s approach. Keeping the above scenario in mind,

a. How do you think Ryan wants to use the goal approach for the business and discuss its loopholes?

b. Explain why Suman supports the contemporary stakeholder’s approach?