Strategic HRM | NMIMS Assignment Help June 2023 Questions

Q1. Brillio is a technology company that develops and deploys disruptive solutions that help customers compete better and capture business value faster. The company has invested in developing advanced tools. A sharp and obsessively focused talent acquisition strategy is at the core of Brillio’s ability to meet the highly demanding needs of its technology clients. HR Head at Brillio says. “When talent acquisition equips business to meet market needs, HR stops being a support function and becomes a strategic partner.” and that is just because of the key challenges around talent acquisition. As the HR Head of Brillo point out the challenges faced by Talent acquisition team in detail.

Q2. A follow-up survey was conducted the year after the implementation of the new appraisal system. Results were as follows:

  • 81 percent better understood work group objectives
  • 84 percent considered the new appraisal fair
  • 72 percent said they understood how their merit raise was determined
  • 70 percent met their personal and work objectives
  • 77 percent considered the system a step in the right direction

        As the HR manager you have noticed change in an appraisal system after the implementation of the new appraisal system. List out the Modern Appraisal Methods which has resulted a positive outcome with examples.

Q3. Jim Delaney, president of Apex Door, has a problem. No matter how often he tells his employees how to do their jobs, they invariably decide to do it their way, as he puts it, and arguments ensue between Jim, the employee, and the employee’s supervisor. One example is the door-design department, where the designers are expected to work with the architects to design doors that meet the specification’ While it’s not rocket science, as Jim puts it, the designers invariably make mistakes such as designing in too much steel, a problem that can cost Apex tens of thousands of wasted rupees, once you consider the number of doors in, say, a 30-story office tower.

The order processing department is another example. Jim has a very specific and detailed way he wants the order written up, but most of the order clerks don’t understand how to use the multipage order form. They simply improvise when it comes to a detailed question such as whether to classify the customer as industrial or commercial.

The current training process is as follows. None of the jobs has a training manual, although several have somewhat out-of-date job descriptions. The training for new people is all on the job. Usually, the person leaving the company trains the new person during the 1- or 2- week overlap period, but if there’s no overlap, the new person is trained as well as possible by other employees who have filled in occasionally on the job in the past. The training is the same throughout the company for machinists, secretaries, assemblers, engineers, and accounting clerks, for example.

a) What do you think of Apex’s training process? Does it help improving the performance of employees?                                                                 

b) Explain in detail what you would do to improve the training process at Apex Door.